The Rise of Wiki - How Wikipedia Makes Money

Title : The Rise of Wiki - How Wikipedia Makes Money
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The Rise of Wiki - How Wikipedia Makes Money

The Rise of Wiki. How does Wikipedia make money? How does Wikipedia work? How does Wikipedia editing work? How does Wikipedia get information? Can Wikipedia be trusted? Who are Ward Cunningham, Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales? What is a Wiki? We discuss how a wiki of just 21 articles spawned one of the world's top ten most visited websites.

In this video, we look at The Rise of Wikipedia, the world's biggest and best encyclopedia with over fifty million pages, and how a free website without advertising generates millions of dollars every year.

Here's How It Happened

0:00 Introduction
0:33 The First Wiki
1:12 Wikipedia's Predecessor: Nupedia
1:46 The Rise of Wikipedia
2:34 How Wikipedia Makes Money
3:11 Criticisms of Wikipedia
4:04 Final Thoughts

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